November 2017


November 2017 Themes

  • Children's Programme Vacancy
  • St  Mark ’ s  Children ’ s  Programme 2015-2017 by  Blathnaid  Quinn
    Children's Programme Co-ordinator Vacancy
  • Autumnal Reflections by Mary McKenna
  • The  Pity  of  War by Margery MacKay
  • Lughnassadh, Festival of the All Skilled One by Rev Dr Geo Cameron-Gaiduschek
  • Presence, Connection and Community by Pete Smith and members of the Interbeing Sangha
  • Inspirations for Peace-Making bddy Rev Brian Cooper
  • In and Around St Mark’s
    • Music on Sundays, Past and Present
    • St Mark's Good Cause November & December
    • Rossano Sportiello
    • Chalice  Singers Rehearsals
    • Poetry for Pleasure
    • Teens  and  Tweens  Group
    • Note  of  Appreciation  from  Heather  and  Fiona  Guthrie
  • Looking forward to Christmas - Three Outreach Initiatives
    • Reverse Santa
      • St Catharine’s Homeless Project
        • Edinburgh Direct Aid
  • Chalice Lighting Words by Phillida Sawbridge and Hilary Anderson