Who We Are

Unitarians in Edinburgh love life, and recognise the worth and dignity of all people to live and love as their conscience allows.

Ours is a diverse community, a home for the open-minded and tender-hearted.

St Mark's Unitarian Church in Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, has been our meeting place for almost two hundred years.

You are very welcome to join us for our time in community any Sunday at 11.00am and for Mindfulness@Lunchtime any Tuesday at 12.15pm.

Heard of Unitarians but not sure what we're about? Watch this short video.

As a community we seek to live our lives in conscious alignment with our values. We describe this as a mutual commitment to ministry, and we recently expressed this commitment as a prayer to the world. We'd like to share this prayer with you:

We commit to care for our self and each other.

We aspire to be open and sensitive, and to learn from one another.

We aspire to speak our truth and to hear the truths of others.

We commit to reach out in love, honouring our wholeness and diversity.

We aspire to bring enthusiasm, joy, and humour to all we do together.