Rev. Peter Fairbrother,


Rev. Peter Fairbrother

Rev. Peter Fairbrother


My introduction to St. Mark's occurred in autumn 2016 through a dear friend who was leading a Sunday service as a guest minister. On entering the church for the first time I was touched by the warmth of welcome and the vibrancy of community. I was delighted to be asked to lead worship as a guest minister. One service became two, then three, four... Each time I found myself drawn closer and closer. I was delighted to be appointed minister of St. Mark's, Unitarians in Edinburgh, in May 2018.


My Calling

Throughout my life I've felt called to spiritual exploration. My journey began with Catholicism; the religion I was born into and grew up with, and continued through my twenties and thirties with expeditions into Protestantism, the earth based traditions, New Age philosophies, and Spiritualism. Eventually I found my way to the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation and to training for interfaith ministry.

The training involved studying the world's major religions, training in spiritual counselling and in holding ceremony, and a deepening into one's own spiritual practice. I was ordained in 2016.


I hold ministry with the following intention: to support and empower each of us to embrace our essential self, which is love. At the heart of my ministry is the desire to foster understanding and appreciation of the importance of self-care, for it is in loving and caring for our self that we develop our capacity to love and care for others.

Northern Irish born and bred, I moved to Edinburgh 18 years ago and presently live in Prestonpans, East Lothian, with my partner Phil. Among my interests are wildlife (in all its forms), a passion for the sea and coastal living, and a love of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Telephone St. Mark's: 0131 659 7600