Chalice Lighting Words

by members and friends of St Mark’s form an important part of our Sunday worship.



I am a Country Boy reluctantly dwelling in a city centre. When I was growing up I always saw many birds and often some wild animals on my way to and from school. Now as a city resident I make an effort to walk in the countryside or at least along the canal to enjoy the company of the other creatures of the Earth.

More and more, though, I notice the refuse of human consumption making a mess of the habitats of wildlife. In particular, those little bits of clear plastic which make their way by the wind into the canals, lochs and rivers, and then into the seas and oceans. These not only get in the way of wildlife, but often choke them as they are easily swallowed.

I recently learned of a trick; to stuff these bits of plastic into a plastic milk bottle (wash it out first) before depositing it in a recycling bin. The plastic bits can be pressed into the bottle using a wooden spoon handle. This will not resolve the serious issue of plastic waste getting into the ecosystem; far from it. But at least it can cut down on the amount of clear plastic bits blowing around in the wind. I light this Peace Candle on behalf of those fellow creatures, large and small, that suffer from our plastic wastage.