A prayer for the broken-hearted


A prayer for the broken-hearted

by Rev Peter Fairbrother

This is for the mistreated

the abused

the bullied

the trodden-on

the undervalued

the scorned

the insulted

the shouted-at

the ignored

the forgotten

the wounded

the raw

the cheapened

the second best

the third rate

the desperate

and this is for the hope-less

the weary

the exhausted

the bitter

the cynical

the repressed

the hardened

the frozen

the closed

It takes courage to show up.

It takes courage to name the labels

we pin to ourselves and to others

and it takes courage to let them go.

Copyright Peter Fairbrother, used by permission and taken from

his address, The opposite of addiction, given in St Mark’s on

Sunday 1 July. This address will be printed in a future issue

of Waymark. The photograph was taken by Peter Fairbrother.