Welcome Aboard

by Mary McKenna, Convener of Council

It is great to welcome Rev Peter Fairbrother to join us at St Mark’s as we embark on the next stage of our journey. Peter is already adding his inspiration, energy and support to us, and we look forward to having him lead services regularly and working with us in the months ahead.

However, no matter how good any minister is, they alone cannot create a congregation.

• We, the members and friends of St Mark’s, form the core of our community. Each and everyone makes their own unique contribution to our community. We are the heart of St Mark’s. Without us, St Mark’s would no longer exist.

• We are the continuity.

• We hold the past, the history and the stories of times past in St Mark’s.

• We are the present, without our active and resourceful members and friends we could not sustain our beloved community, our sacred space and our programme of activities.

• We are the future and we are the ones who will inform the way forward, who hold the vision for the future.

St Mark’s benefits from the enormous commitment of members and friends who contribute in so many ways, leading services, serving on committees, welcoming new people, singing, celebrating our successes and being quietly supportive from the back pews.

Our members and friends make important contributions to the life of St Mark’s, though I am concerned that we are over reliant on a few people. We need more help on committees, undertaking duties, supporting the venue, on volunteering on our behalf. There may be other ideas and opportunities that you would like us to develop, please let us know how you would like to contribute to the future of St Mark’s.

However, the most urgent help needed is in seeking the next editor of Waymark. This is our key communication tool with all members and friends, and Jane Aaronson has done a magnificent job in recent years in single handily producing a first-class newsletter each month. She now wishes to step back from this role, and while Jane is willing to support a handover, she recognises this is a period of change and Waymark may need change too. If you have the skills, knowledge or interest in the producing our newsletter please feel free to discuss with Jane how you could become involved.

I am old enough to remember President John F. Kennedy’s speech imploring people not to ask what your country can do for you, rather to ask what you can do for your country. My plea to all St Mark’s members and friends, who appreciate the benefits of our community, is that we ask ourselves what we can do for our beloved community. In this new chapter in our development of St Mark’s there will be new opportunities to influence the future of our community. We need everyone to come on board to inform and influence our vision for the future of St Mark’s.