Words from the Heart (from Peter's Candidating Service, on 11 March)

‘Narcissus’ photo taken by Peter Fairbrother

‘Narcissus’ photo
taken by Peter Fairbrother

It is often said that Unitarianism is the church of free thinkers. What I hear less commonly expressed, although in my experience is seems equally true, is that Unitarianism is also the church of the tender-hearted. A faith and a place where we can:

- show more than the masks of daily life;
- be open, honest, and vulnerable;
- be with curiosity and exploration;
- be in acceptance of ourselves and each other in appreciation of our wholeness and diversity.

In short, a faith and a place where we can quite simply be.

As your minister I come not to lead you from one particular place to another,
nor to impress upon you my way of seeing the world,
nor to shuffle things around in yours simply for the sake of it.

I come to be alongside you, to offer my support,
to sometimes comfort you,
to sometimes challenge you,
to sometimes provoke and infuriate you,
to sometimes delight you,
but above all else to simply be with you whatever the weather so that together
we may see life through the cracks, in all its hues.

I can't promise to always be all that you want,
but I can promise that I will always reflect all that you need.

And throughout it all to this I readily commit:
to serve you from my heart, as best as I can.