St Mark’s Children’s Programme

Bláthnaid Quinn reports

We asked the children for some comments around their participation in the children’s programme. The programme needs volunteers at the moment and help would be most appreciated. All activities and materials are planned and made available by our very competent children’s programme co-ordinator Sara. All you have to do is have some fun interacting with the children!

Aisling and Euan

I like the children’s programme because we have a lot of fun and make stuff. We have learned about women getting the vote and creation stories from different cultures. I enjoyed making paper flowers for the flower communion.


• I like the Children’s programme because:

• We talk about our joys and concerns and feelings

• You get to do lots of craft and drawing

• The activities are often linked to the story in time for all ages

• We sometimes get to watch videos

• We play the paper snowball game

• We have lovely grown-ups who help us

• There are lots of toys to play with

• We get to eat biscuits and drink milk after the service


We talk about things that might seem complicated at first but by playing games or doing art, the topic becomes more simple. I love that we can be creative and that I have friends at church.


I love the toys, the jigsaws and the balls. I wait my turn before talking. I like the songs and I LOVE the biscuits at the end.

Sam and Martha

I do like doing crafts and I like the chocolate biscuits afterwards. I like singing the welcome song with everyone. But the chatting makes me shy (Martha). I like playing with the toys and playing games. And I like seeing my friends at church.