Sensory Tree Poem

A collaborative poem by the children on the children’s programme


I see apples.

having fun.

up in the tree, birds.

the bark tingling

pink cherry blossom

new buds and leaves

I hear birds singing

leaves rustling.

apples blowing

people having fun in the treehouse.

trunk creaking

the sound of raindrops in the leaves.

I smell new leaves

the flowers on the branches


the new spring blossom

the rain

earthy leaf smell in autumn

musty bark

the little mushrooms that grow out of


I feel the rough bark

the soft feeling of leaves

leaves falling off the tree onto my head

the spiky outside of a conker

the smooth inside of a conker

happy by trees

the root of the tree as I trip over

conkers falling on me

I taste the raindrops falling off the leaves onto my tongue.

the nettles around the tree

the juice inside the apples that grow on the tree


maple syrup on my pancakes

cinnamon bark