Thanks Giving 2016-2017

Once again, we give, and record, our thanks to all the members and friends who have helped during the year with the life and work of St Mark’s.

Minister: Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016)
Lay Celebrant and Lay Preacher: Joan Cook
Officers: Convener - Mary McKenna, Treasurer - Brian Robertson (until 31 December 2016), Ali MacDonald (from 1 January 2017), Secretary - Margery MacKay
Council: Jane Aaronson, Jon Bagust, Kate Foggo, Ida Silkenat, Ann Sinclair, David Wood

Ministry Team: Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016), Lesley Hartley, (from June 2016), Jane Aaronson (from June 2016), Hilary Anderson (from December 2016), Lynsey Bailey (from June 2016), Tony Finlay, Rachael King, Jean Lapsley (from June 2016), Ali MacDonald (June – December 2016), Bláthnaid Quinn (from June 2016), Margaret Ross (June to December 2016), Elizabeth Welsh and, ex officio, Mary McKenna
Everyone who has been responsible for, or involved in Sunday services
Management Committee: Ann Sinclair, Maciej Gutowski (until Sept 2016), Brian Robertson, Richard Ross (from April 2016) and, ex officio, Mary McKenna
Search Committee: Margery MacKay, Jon Bagust, Kris Calder, Roger Hartley, Jill Stamper
Venue Group: Ann Sinclair, Roger Hartley, Mary McKenna, Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016), Ida Silkenat (until November 2016), Rob Whiteman (until 31 July 2016)
Ministry Evaluation Group: Maud Robinson, Jean Lapsley, Ali McDonald, Bláthnaid Quinn (Group disbanded June 2016)
Gift Aid (tax reclaim): B Jones
Acting Venue Manager: Ann Sinclair
Venue Treasurer: Ida Silkenat (until November 2016)
Fringe: Our Fringe Manager and Front-of-House Manager
Lettings: All volunteers who helped with front-of-house and box office during the Fringe, and those who attended public events throughout the year, assisting our paying guests, and looking after security
Administrative Assistant: Suzanne Stirling
Caretaker: Euan McGlynn
Housekeeper: Kay Thornhill
Music: Ailsa Aitkenhead, Ellen Beard, Heather Coates, Leon Coates, Margaret Christie, Veronika Gancheva, Lesley Hartley, (Slav) Svetoslav Todorov and Jack Westwell
Waymark Editor: Jane Aaronson with assistance from Kirsty Murray
Website: Jon Bagust (until November 2016), Roger Hartley (until July 2016), Thomas McPolin (from August 2016 – February 2017), Caroline Puck Graves (web builder), Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016), also DUWIT Team of James Barry and John Wilkinson (until June 2016). From March 2017: Jane Aaronson, Lynsey Bailey, John Clifford, Kate Foggo, Suzanne Stirling (Waymark) and Elizabeth Welsh
Mindfulness@lunchtime: Jon Bagust and helpers
Bereavement Support Group: Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016), Jane Aronson and all who facilitate this group
Chalice Singers: Lesley Hartley and singers
Poetry for Pleasure: Margery MacKay
Social Secretary: Lynsey Bailey
Bring and Share Suppers: Lynsey Bailey, Elizabeth Welsh and all who facilitate this group
Children’s Programme: Co-ordinator - Ida Silkenat, assisted by Lynsey Bailey, Katherine Caldwell, Lesley Hartley, Rachael King, Kirsty Murray, Bláthnaid Quinn, Emily Rueggeberg (until December 2016), Tom Stamper, Susanne Urquhart and those on standby duty
Sunday Duties: all the Sunday stewards, peace candle, welcome and coffee people
Sunday Coffee (maintaining supplies): B Jones, Ann Sinclair
Flower Rota: Mary McKenna, and thanks to all who dedicated and arranged flowers
Duty Rotas: Jane Aaronson
Good Cause Arrangements: Jane Aaronson
St Catharine’s Homeless Project: Elaine Edwards and all volunteers who help with this project on a Friday evenings, and who help in other ways during the year
Chennai Fund: Jon Bagust, Mike West
Care of indoor plants: members of children’s programme
Waymark mailing: Minnie Masterman, Jane Aaronson, Jean Lapsley, Margaret Mackenzie, and others who gave occasional help
Representatives: General Assembly - Margery MacKay and Mary McKenna in 2016, Jane Aaronson and Ann Sinclair in 2017; Scottish Unitarian Association - Joan Cook, Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016), Ann Sinclair; Edinburgh Interfaith Association - Jill Stamper, Unitarian Representative* and Treasurer (until September 2016) and Margery MacKay, Secretary (September 2016) Equality Network - Maud Robinson (until 31 July 2016)

*If anyone is interested in being the Unitarian Representative on the Edinburgh Interfaith Association Board, please speak to Margery MacKay