REV CHARLES VANDENBROEDER from Student to President

Jane Aaronson reports

At our April General Assembly meetings, Rev Charles VanDenBroeder was installed as the GA President for 2017-18. Charles reports that ‘back in 1989, I spent a little over a month in Edinburgh doing some practical training with Rev Andrew Hill and I have fond memories of my time there’. Andrew Hill wrote in November Waymark of that year that Charles was ‘a student for the Unitarian ministry at Manchester College, Oxford’ and that he was ‘an international sort of person.’

We are pleased that nearly thirty years later Charles will return to St Mark’s to lead the service at the SUA annual meetings in St Mark’s on 13 May. His theme will be A Unitarian and Free Christian Theology For Our Time. He states that ‘In a world where our beloved Unitarian and Free Christian movement seems as if it is beginning to unravel, we need to quit tinkering around the edges and take a deep look at the theology that guides us as a movement. We need to develop a theology that will take us together further into the 21st century’.

Everyone is welcome to attend. See Waymark for further details.

The photograph of Charles VanDenBroeder, below, was supplied by him.