Be inspired General Assembly Meetings 2017

Our General Assembly meetings took place in Birmingham from 9-13 April. A large group of St Mark’s members and friends spent an inspiring few days at the GA. We attended the business meetings and also many interesting lectures and workshops. We enjoyed socialising with Unitarian friends from the UK and abroad, (see Brian Robertson’s reflection on page 3 and Joan Cook’s article on page 8 in this month's Waymark). The many highlights of the meetings are too numerous to mention here. You had to be there! However, to whet your appetite to go next year, some of the highlights included the opening ceremony; the John Relly Beard lecture; the keynote address; the ICUU lecture and the workshop on the Cambridge Campus Ministry Project. Please talk to anyone in the picture above who will be delighted to tell you more!

Several members of the Executive Committee, including our own Joan Cook, (see page 6 of this month's Waymark) and Robert Ince, the Convener, retired this year. In presenting his final report in this role, Robert highlighted the need for ‘sustainability’, identity’ ‘communication’ and ‘training and education’. The photograph on this page was taken by hristopher Thompson. Thank you to him, and to Kate Foggo for gathering us together.