‘Some Things are Good’

by MARY MCKENNA Convener of Council

During a recent service Lesley Harley told us we can’t do everything, but reminded us that we can do something. I agree with her and suggest that, between us at St Mark’s, we do some things very well.

  • We continue to have a range of services on varied and interesting themes which are well attended. We have a well-planned programme of services through to the summer supported by our Members and friends, old and new.
  • We have great music. We have always been known for the quality of our music, and the addition of the Chalice Singers has enhanced our musical offerings.
  • In partnership with other organisations we actively support Interfaith work in Edinburgh, provide meals to homeless people in Edinburgh, clothe refugees in Syria, train Dalit women in Chennai, India.
  • We have a great monthly newsletter and are building our web skills to ensure our website is up-to-date and reflects St Mark’s today.

Our building is generally well maintained and well used, hosting community and artistic events throughout the year. We are financially sound and have a good infrastructure of committees and volunteers who support the organisation of the church.

This is thanks to the work of a number of people who are committed to supporting St Mark’s in many different ways. We are grateful to all who support us. St Mark’s has a unique place in your heart and there are many ways that everyone can continue to support our community. Attendance at services, participation in fulfilling slots on duties rota, welcoming people on Sundays, preparing for the Sunday service, making coffee, regular giving, singing and tweeting. There are also a range of behind-the-scenes roles in managing St Mark’s, in order to fulfill our aspirations, to meet charity regulations, and to maintain the upkeep of our historic building. We understand that serving on committees and Council may not be of interest to everyone, but we need your support and skills to sustain our community.

We will be holding our AGM on 7 May and we are looking for some new Council members. Our committees, particularly the Management Committee needs additional energy. If you have particular skills or knowledge and think you can make a contribution to the organisation of St Mark’s, I would love to hear from you. Please give this your consideration. stmarksconvener@gmail.com

We are doing some very good things at St Mark’s. Together we can not only sustain ourselves during this transitional period, but can continue to thrive and grow.