How we feel, What we do, How we cope when things don't go as we expected or planned

On 19 March Rev Jane Patmore led worship. The title of her address was Doomed to Failure. Despite the title, it was a most uplifting service, and most people would be able to identify with what she said.

Prior to Jane’s address, Margaret Ross lit our chalice. Margaret’s chalice lighting words are printed at the end of this article.

Both children and adults actively participated in the clever Time for All Ages story, which was about communication. (See photograph on the above)

Mr Lion couldn't drink his soup. Various other animals asked him why, but it was only at the end of the story that we learnt the reason why. It was because he hadn't been given a spoon. This led seamlessly into Jane’s theme for the adults. She explained that she had begun working on this service since January when some of her friends had unsuccessfully tried to give up alcohol for the month. One friend coined the phrase ‘Try January’ which Jane felt was more realistic than ‘Dry January’. She encouraged us to take a positive self -improvement slant on failure and suggested that we find coping strategies to move forward. Furthermore, we should not shy away from failures; rather we should examine them, using them as learning tools for the future as they can open new doors.

Jane Patmore’s address will appear in a future issue of Waymark

Chalice Lighting Words

by Margaret Ross

Last Sunday we celebrated the achievements of Malala, a courageous young woman with a supportive family and access to a global media platform.

Today I want to bring to your attention thousands of children and young people who are without their families and have no voice in the world.

They are the thousands of the young, unaccompanied refugees in Europe. Europol have confirmed that ten thousand migrant children have disappeared within Europe. One in three of the child refugees from the demolished camp in Calais have disappeared.

Hundreds of child refugees have vanished since arriving in Britain, prompting fears they have been trafficked, abused or worse.

I light this candle for those suffering children and young people.