Blessing of the Animals

On 2 April KATIE BROWN and AILSA DAVIDSON will lead worship. Their theme will be A Blessing of the Animals’. KATIE BROWN writes:

'A Blessing of the Animals' is a popular Unitarian service that celebrates our animal companions and the joy, friendship and love they bring to our lives. This Sunday coincides with the start of the UK's Pet Awareness Month that promotes responsible pet ownership. To learn more go to: So on 2 April we invite our pets to bring along their happy, healthy humans to join us in St Mark’s to celebrate the love we share for each other first-hand (or paw). There is no doubt that our relationships with our pets are very special and important.

Learning to live without our dear companions when they leave us can be very hard to do too. So we will also share a time of thankful remembrance for the pets we have loved who no longer - in this life - are by our sides

Note: If you are bringing your companion to this service please consider the safety, comfort and wellbeing of all attending by ensuring your pet/ human is under your suitable control at all times, is house trained and is happy to be coming!