The Bereavement Group at St Mark’s

Coby Macaulay reports

The bereavement group meets once a month at St Marks, on a Saturday morning at 11.00. It was initiated in 2014, by our dear minister at the time, Maud Robertson, in response to needs of people with a desire to talk and share the experience of recovery after the loss of a loved one, whether it was recently or many years ago.

The group has grown from strength to strength, taking on a unique character of its own with surprising revelations and insights for each participant. Each member of the group has the opportunity of sharing their thoughts in a non-judgemental safe environment. I have come to meetings many times carrying a sorrow, and yet leaving with a new commitment to joy and hope. It has been illuminating and encouraging.

Our next meeting will take place on Saturday 25 March. You are most welcome to attend. Please speak to Jane Aaronson, or email her for more details