Reverse Santa and St Catharine’s Homeless Project

For  many  years,  Santa  has  arrived  after  the  Christmas Celebration  service  with  individual  gifts  for  the  children. This  year,  the  parents  asked  members  of  the congregation  to  collect  gifts  to  give  to  charity  for  needy children.  Santa  still  arrived  as  usual  and  handed  out small  gifts  to  the  children.  We  are  very  grateful  to Bláthnaid  Quinn  for  organising  this  worthwhile  initiative.

 As  part  of  our  continuing  partnership  with  the  St Catharine’s  Homeless  Project,  the  congregation collected  socks  and  gloves  (men’s);  hats  and  scarves and  small  toiletries.  

In  her  email  of  thanks,  written  at  the  end  of  December, Sister  Catherine-Marie  writes,

A  big  'Thank  You'  to  you  all  for  the  large  consignment of  gifts which  you  collected  and  were  delivered  to  us by Brian  Robertson.  

Some  have  already been  given  out  due  to  the  very cold spell  of  weather  before  Christmas and  the  rest  will  be put  in  the  gift  bags to  be  distributed  to  our  'guests'  on Thurs 29th  at  their  Christmas Dinner.  A  special word  of thanks from  Sr  Aelred  to  all  involved  in  this great  work!

We wish  everyone  at  St  Mark's  a  very Happy  New Year with  many blessings.

We at  St  Mark’s, thank Brian  Robertson  for  having delivered  the  ‘gifts’ to  the  homeless project.