Farewell, and Good Luck, Maud

St Marks’s Children’s Programme Picnic, Sunday 5 June

BLÁTHNAID QUINN reports on an enjoyable event

The sun shone upon our picnic in Prince’s Street Gardens! A small gathering of families and volunteers gathered to wish Maud farewell. Ida, the programme co-ordinator, had been busy planning a card for Maud, which the children made during the service. They helped compile a chalice picture together, by stamping parts of the chalice, using one colour each to make an overall image. Some also made individual cards themselves to present to Maud. Bea and Tea gave Maud a Cat Lover key ring, in recognition of her love of felines.

Maud was also the proud recipient of the first inaugural Children’s Programme radish.  The children had planted and helped tend the radish crop, which yielded many tasty salad leaves, but just one little radish bulb. It felt fitting to present this rare vegetable to our departing minister. It tasted good with houmous apparently. There was a lot of playing, coming down the slide, blowing bubbles, and even an attempt at a game of Twister. Grown-ups reclined on the picnic rugs, sunned themselves and shot the breeze.

Changing times are ahead, but it was lovely to take some time aside, in such good company, on a beautiful day, to bid a gentle farewell, from all the children, to our minister, and to take an opportunity to wish her well, in her journey ahead. Farewell and Good Luck Maud!