Chalice Lighting in St Mark’s


As some you may know Kati suffers from chronic daily pain.  She wrote the following poem about her pain. Unfortunately, Kati was able to attend worship on 22 May. Jane Aaronson read Kati’s words on Kati’s behalf. 

Almost ten million Britons suffer pain almost daily, resulting in a major impact on their quality of life. 

The battle

Darkness surrounds
My pack grows heavy with challenges  
My helmet grows too full of monsters unseen
legs like twisted metal
Pelvis like broken glass
I slash at each foe
illness, pain and fear
I look for friends
Among the fallen
They lie abandoned  
Their souls consumed with pain
I see a white horse
With wings of hope
I get on and ride to lands of healing. 

Copyright  Kati Murray
used by permission

I would like to light this candle today for all those who suffer with chronic pain. May we have hope in our darkness and comfort in our despair.