Reflections on Change

Convener of Council reports

In times of great uncertainty we seek to cling on to the known, the safe and the familiar. While the world is changing around us our world may become smaller. We seek patterns and predictability, as we try to make sense of the change and to retain control in some areas of our lives. Despite how often I am faced with loss and change, it remains a personal challenge, and as a community St Mark’s is going through a period of significant change and loss.

While we grieve the departure of our beloved minister, Maud, there is a gap in our community. We will miss Maud’s inspiring leadership, her thought-provoking sermons, and her caring support. And it is hard to envisage how we will replace her.

We are as yet uncertain of who and when we will appoint our next minister. We have, however, wonderful resources within our community, and Maud has been helping prepare us for this, through our Mutual Commitment to Ministry. In the coming months, St Mark’s members and friends will be leading services, taking on additional responsibilities, and helping support and care for each other.

Services will be different, sometimes unfamiliar, and we may not get it right all of the time. In our Mutual Commitment we aspire to be open to new opportunities and learning, to respect and reach out to others in love.

As we progress to appoint our next minister, we have the opportunity to try new ways of Sunday worship, to move beyond the known, the familiar. We could have the courage to think of new forms of ministry, to reach out to those who seek spirituality in new ways, and to develop new relationships. It may be scary, but it can be exciting, as we venture forward together to create the next chapter in St Mark’s long and illustrious history.

We wish Maud continued success in her next ministry, and we wish her love and happiness for the future.