Farewell to Colin and Neil MacRae, Our Loyal Printers

Our loyal printers, Colin and Neil MacRae, have decided that it is time for a well-earned retirement. Their business, David Macdonald Limited, has been providing printing services to businesses since 1870. Their parents bought it in the 1950s. For the last forty-seven years, Colin and Neil have been printing Waymark for Unitarians in Edinburgh. This May issue of Waymark will be the last that they will be printing.

We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. They have worked with a number of editors; including; Rev Bruce Findlow, Rev Andrew Hill, Don Kerr, Susan Pins, Eric McFadd and Jane Aaronson.

Throughout these years, Colin and Neil, and their colleagues have continuously given us a very committed professional, friendly and caring service. As part of their caring service, they have arranged with one of their colleagues, Susan Edwards, to carry on printing Waymark once she moves to Bookbinding by Crawford.

The production and printing of Waymark has evolved over the years. In the Waymark which commemorated forty years of the newsletter, Andrew Hill wrote, ‘ When I arrived, Waymark was old-fashioned type-written, set in hot linotype metal – proof-read, printed and published according to a strict ten day routine… But then came a revolution – computers! Gradually the printers began changing to computer typesetting… Then (thanks to Speed) I became properly computerised with an Apple Mac, and a proper layout programme,… and simply took camera-ready copy to the printers’. When Jane and Eric took over as editors, they took Waymark on a memory stick to Neil and Colin. Now it is sent to the printers from the editor’s computer by way of a PDF in an instant. It is printed digitally. So this means that we can use colour on the front and back pages on the paper copies.

We will miss Colin and Neil, but we wish them a healthy and happy retirement, and we look forward to working with Susan

From left to right, Colin MacRae, Susan Edwards and Neil MacRae. Photograph by Maud Robinson