The Chalice Book


At the GA, an exhibition of stalls and displays from Unitarian groups could be visited throughout the conference. Groups, such as the Women’s League, Music Society, Psychical Society, the Nightingale Centre (to name but a few) manned stalls, gave information, ran money raising events such as quizzes and raffles and sold items to support future activities.

One stall always worth a visit is the Send A Child to Hucklow stall. Alongside a very popular silent auction for a Joe Root-signed cricket ball was a new fundraising range of book sculptures with folded pages, producing a 3D relief effect of a chalice, flower, heart, house and other designs.

I have ordered one of these chalice books, which I hope will very soon find its way to St Mark’s. (The books are made to order by a supporter of SACH, who in her spare time from a busy job as an anaesthetist, uses her nimble fingers, and those of her teenage children, to make these lovely books.)

You may remember the intricate book sculptures discovered during the Festivals starting in 2011. The anonymous artist left these at locations around Edinburgh where books are to be found.

She commented:
‘It was a poor attempt to illustrate the notion that a book is more than just a book - and a library is a special kind of building.’

(BBC Scotland's arts correspondent Pauline McLean conducted an interview with her - via email to maintain her anonymity - BBC News Website Scotland 12 January 2015)

The Chalice Book is more than just a book, and St Mark’s is a special kind of building with a very special community.

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