We all have a part to play

KATE FOGGO reflects

My arm was twisted into going this year, thanks to a generous 80% discount to anyone under the age of forty. What this says about the state of our movement, is perhaps not something to ponder on too much, given that I actually came away from these meetings, feeling more positive about our future, than I have in previous years. The meetings felt more outward and forward-looking, more perceptive this year, like we were building a foundation to bring more people in. Spiritually, the highlight for me was the Anniversary Service. Well led by Winnie Gordon, I took part in the choir, and so did other Edinburgh members, and found my feast for the soul in the singing together. This was my fourth GA, so I am getting more familiar with regular attendees, and its becoming a great time to see old friends, and as usual spent a lot of my time with others around my age (physically and in spirit) in the Zette office. I contributed where I could, to the newspaper, even if it was just stapling them together! There is a lesson there though, even the smallest contribution to the 'feast' of Unitarians counts towards the continuation of this wonderful movement. We all have a part to play, and that's what I took away this year.