‘Don’t be afraid of some change’

ANN SINCLAIR reflects on change


During the business meetings, Ann seconded a motion to amend the GA Constitution. ‘Don’t be afraid of some change’, we sang at the opening welcome of the Meetings, ‘today will be a joyful day; enter, rejoice and come in’.

We were challenged to take the Next Steps in realising our Vision of the Future. It’s a future in which social media will be more and more important. We need to share with folk that Unitarianism is not an off-the-peg one-size-fits-all religion, but rather a bespoke faith, evolved by and with the individual within a mutually supporting community [and you can use other words for religion and faith if you need to] and to be aware that, for those addicted to their smart phones, if it’s not visible from their phones, then it doesn’t exist.

‘All real living is meeting’ wrote Martin Buber, who probably envisaged the ‘I-Thou’ encounter as face-to-face … and in the joyous Anniversary Service we shared these words in a prayer, ‘We have great technological communications, Facebook, mobile phones, twitter, snapchat and many other social media…help us remember these are but the tools, and it is in being together that we join in the feast of life!’

The present is different from the past, and whenever we move on to a future we have to change. I don’t know how a chrysalis feels when it metamorphoses, but I do know that unless it changes it cannot have wings and fly. Let’s not be afraid of some change.