2020 Group ‘Embracing Congregational Growth through Healthy Leadership’


Do you have 2020 Vision? This session was beautifully led by Aleks Zglinska and Andy Pakula. 2020 is a bold plan to support new and re-kindled congregations. Since it is our core values that appeal to newcomers, rather than our traditional setting, they are looking at new ways of presenting ourselves and worshiping. ‘Unity Derby’ is an example of this.  See www.derbyunity.co.uk They talk about love beyond belief, welcoming those that do not think like us, and want to do things differently.

Twenty British Unitarian leaders across the country had met in a London retreat, with the Unitarian Universalist Leadership Institute in person, and online, to exchange ideas. Andy and Aleks shared some ideas comparing Unitarianism to a car. It needs to be in working order before we start. Quick fixes do not work. We need to have a purpose and strategy. It can take us anywhere. It needs repairing and upgrading often. Then we can set off to an appealing destination with a good driver. Some ideas on this:

  • Take a step back and think
  • Think of novel ways of presenting publicity (Derby use post card size adds)
  • Use all types of Social Media and update your website regularly
  • Open the Church more often be welcoming
  • Hire out more
  • Link with other groups
  • Help others in need
  • Have experimental attitudes
  • Have mid-week worship or an event
  • Provide good leadership and training.
  • Address conflict directly and set behavioural standards

We do a lot of these things already. Many Unitarian Groups,-UK TV; Visibility Group and Earth Spirit are putting more and more information and resources, including spiritual material online for us to use.