Unitarians in Edinburgh welcome Rev Petr Samojský

This month we give a warm welcome to Rev Petr Samojský. In the columns below, Petr introduces himself to us. He will lead worship on the four Sundays in November. This includes the Remembrance Sunday service, which he will lead jointly with Rev Brian Cooper.  There will be a bring and share supper on Friday 4 November to which all members and friends are invited. This will be a good opportunity to meet Petr before he leads worship for the first time with us on Sunday 6 November.

"I am sitting at my desk at home near Prague, in the Czech Republic, and thinking of you, who are far away. It is hard to do, since I know just a little about your place, your church, and you. But, probably by the time you read this, I will be there!

I am honoured by your invitation to share our lives for four weeks. There will be four Sundays that we will experience together, but there will also be some time we can use in a more personal way. First of all, you might come to the potluck supper, on Friday, 4 November. And, also, please join me for a cup of coffee during my stay in Edinburgh. I will be delighted to meet with members and friends of the church!

Perhaps you are wondering who this stranger from Prague is. So let me say a few words about myself. Since 2002, I have served as a minister of the Prague Unitarian Congregation. Before that, I served the Universalist Unitarian Church of Greeley, Colorado, USA, while I was finishing my studies in Chicago. I earned my Master’s Degree at the UU seminary at Meadville/Lombard Theological School, and my Doctorate of Ministry at the Chicago Theological Seminary.

After spending seven years in the USA studying for ministry, visiting UU congregations, serving as a hospital chaplain and pondering the mysteries of life, I returned to the Czech Republic. In addition to serving as minister to the Prague Unitarian Congregation I also enjoy family life with my wife Katerina and our two kids, Adam and Doubravka.

As to who I am as a person, I will say this: my personal Holy Scripture is ’The Little Prince’, my tool for a prayer and meditation is my sitar, and my favourite quotation comes from Goethe: ‘To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.’ Please consider these remarks not as something to be taken entirely seriously, but just as a contribution to our possible conversation, which I am looking forward to!"