Chalice Lighting Words

St Mark’s member Mike West recently lit our Chalice with these words. 

You may be familiar with the saying: 

“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” 

The words are attributed to Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher who lived in either the 6th or the 4th century BC. To my surprise I came across a virtually identical text in the Upanishads, probably written between 800 and 500 BC. These are the ancient Sanskrit texts whose central ideas became the spiritual core of Hinduism. 

Another search led me to words ascribed to the Buddha…

Refugee Tales

On 25th November last year, St Mark’s member and Waymark’s former editor JANE AARONSON lit our Chalice with these words.

Before lighting the chalice today, I am going to read you a statement on behalf of Refugee Tales. Refugee Tales is a pressure group that works in support of detained refugees…

Chalice Lighting Words

On 11 November REV JOHN CLIFFORD lead worship to commemorate the Armistice Sunday centenary. JOHN shared his chalice lighting words, printed below. To end the two minute silence JAMES MACDONALD REID played ‘When the Battle is Over’ composed by Pipe Major William Robb, (1863-1909) of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

A Path Through The Dark

A Path Through The Dark

'December will be magic again', it is said (and sometimes sung).

Generally speaking, I struggle with the colder weather, lack of light, and longer nights at this time of year.

I often find myself counting down the days to the Winter Solstice, breathing relief at its passing, and taking comfort is the slow, but sure return to brighter days.

And then shortly after Solstice...


Yes, indeed, Christmas..

about which I have mixed feelings…

Red leaves in Autumn

At the service to welcome Autumn, led by Katie Brown, on 21 August, Mary McKenna shared these inspiring thoughts.

Each change of season brings new pleasure:

As the temperatures drop, it is wonderful to see the vibrant red and golds of autumn leaves. To hear the rustle of as we disturb their windswept piles and hear the deep beat of migrating swans.

Perhaps we appreciate the vibrant red of the autumn leaf, because we know that tomorrow it may be blown away or wither in the soil to re-emerge in another form in spring. When winter comes it will reveal the underlying architecture of the tree and remind us of the deep roots and branches that are needed to support their luxuries canopy. The wondrous beauty of nature may lie in its very transience.

Fellowship and Community at St Mark’s

St Mark’s is a vibrant, evolving community, committed to making our unique contribution to liberal religion. Our approach respects different theologies, and supports the freedom to explore according to reason and conscience. It offers us space to reflect, to gather strength and to renew our commitment to building a world where origins are respected, where difference and diversity are celebrated, and where we embrace change and trust that we can build a better future

St Mark’s Children’s Programme

We asked the children for some comments around their participation in the children’s programme. The programme needs volunteers at the moment and help would be most appreciated. All activities and materials are planned and made available by our very competent children’s programme co-ordinator Sara. All you have to do is have some fun interacting with the children!