Heart Circle

The heart circle will meet on the following Wednesdays in autumn: 16th October; 20th November; and 11th December.

Time and location: 6.30pm, Upper Hall, St. Mark's.

Free to attend, no fee.

All welcome. Simply turn up on the evening.

'I think we all can benefit from a safe place where we can simply be without any expectations or assumptions,' says our minister Rev. Peter Fairbrother. 'Yet, we often don't afford our self that place in our everyday lives. For many of us it is a rare and precious gift that we rarely receive. Instead we put the needs of others first, being preoccupied with meeting the demands of family, friends, work colleagues, etc. And so we are often last in line, way down the pecking order, when it comes to caring for ourselves. And that's a shame on so many levels because if we don't nurture ourselves, we diminish our capacity to meet the needs of those around us too. It's then when we find things begin to slide...'

'I held the first heart circle at St. Mark's just before Christmas last year. A safe, private space was created where we sat together in circle, by candlelight, to honour what we've with in the run-up to the festivities. I'm delighted to bring the heart circle back, on Wednesday evenings, once-monthly from October. Like last time, space will be created in the upper hall where we can simply be together in circle for an hour, by candlelight. This will be a safe, private space to honour what we've with. Silence will be honoured. Tears will be honoured. Laughter will be honoured. Anger, sadness, joy will be honoured. Simply come as you are and know that you will be welcomed and accepted. In essence the heart circle is a gift to ourselves: to create a little time for self care.'